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Our Services & Support

Solaris Energy offer our best solutions meeting your any energy requirements. We have the right solution consists of consulting, energy audit, system sizing, installation and maintenance for your needs.


Regardless of whether it is a rooftop PV system or a utility solar power plant our solar projects are customized solutions. We provide you with high level of support at all the stages of your solar project implementation.

Solar Power system design

The initial step in solar PV system design is sizing based on the power requirements. It is the most important part of design and based on it everything is worked upon. If you undersize the solar PV system, then it will not generate enough power from the system.

Installation and Commissioning.

We have an experienced technical team with knowledge to complete on-grid and off-grid PV panel projects within the estimated project time, satisfying your requirements.

Operation & Maintenance

Proper maintenance ensures that solar system life is preserved for as long as possible and the original conditions of the system are sustained, while compensating for normal wear and tear. Solar system requires little maintenance to other electrical systems such as diesel generators.

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