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Solaris Energy

We were serving the nation under some world reputed organization for the green world field cultivating green forest and organic vegetation which forced us to think deep in the renewable energy field and we completed many projects in Thrissur, Kerala since 2014 and we established Solaris in 2018 to expand our operations focusing on developing solar as sustainable energy alternative in India.

We, at Solaris Energy Solution India, recognize the importance of every step towards building a greener and safer future. By harnessing the inexhaustible energy of the sun, we offer efficient and sustainable energy solutions for today and tomorrow.

Solaris Energy Solution India, provided solar energy solutions from Concept to Design, Installation, commissioning for solar PV Panel and related sub systems for the residential and commercial rooftop and for the solar farms as well. We strongly believe in building a long-term relationship with our customers to keep the provided solar devices work with the designed life span.

Our stock includes but not limited to Solar Panels, Solar Street lights, Solar Batteries, Solar Water Heater, Inverters, CCTV and other renewable energy related accessories.


To become a leader in the solar solutions and other green energy with innovative technologies to solve the energy need of our customers.


Our vision is to become world-class renewable energy solutions provider that care for our mother earth and a better tomorrow for our next generation ‘Green world’ by providing the best quality solar Energy devices and to make available renewable energy products to our customers at competitive price.

The solar power system consists of three major components

Solar PV Module (Solar Panel)
Solar Invertor (Converting DC to AC with some additional functions)
Solar Battery

1. Solar PV module (solar Panel).

A PV system uses solar panels to convert energy from the sunlight directly in to direct current electrical energy. Solar system is made up with one or multiple solar panels depend on the power requirements. A PV array is a linked collection of solar panels. Almost all PV arrays use a sine wave inverter to convert the Direct current (DC) power produced by the modules in to alternating current (AC) that can power lights, any power connections, motors and any other loads.
At Solaris; we provide excellent international quality solar panels

2. Solar Inverter

A solar inverter is the heart of any solar power plant and assumes the task of efficiently converting the direct current (DC) generated by the solar PV module to 220 Volt alternating current (AC). This alternating current is used in powering our homes, offices, institutions and industry. Generally solar inverters are of two types off-grid inverters and on grid inverter.

A. Off- Grid Inverter

These inverters take its direct current(DC) power which is stored in the batteries from the solar PV panels. In an off-grid system the batteries are used for reserve back up. This off-grid solar system should be designed in such a way that, it can meet the daily power requirements that stored on the battery reservoir.

Wherever independent off-grid power is required for domestic and commercial purposes the Off-grid inverter is a cost-effective replacement for a diesel generator.

This system is mainly designed for the power requirements enough for small to large homes or small scale commercial purposes.

B. On-Grid Solar Inverter

A solar on-grid inverter converts the variable direct current output of PV solar panel into alternating current that will be connected into a commercial electrical grid; it does not require any battery reservoir. The benefit of grid tie inverter depends having NET METERING in your area.

3. Tubular Batteries for Solar system.

A Battery is an essential part of an off-grid solar system. They are used used as power reservoir to store the DC current produced by the PV panels. The battery storage bank is what allows your power system to deliver a constant level of power to your electrical loads. The right choice of the size, type and number of batteries is important to ensure your power system perform properly and to maximize the life of batteries. The sizing of your battery bank depends upon the number of appliances using and the amount of power (watt) they consume.

At Solaris, we are stocking the best quality (c-10) rated (heavy-duty) tubular batteries for efficient storage and prolonged duration whichever available in India.

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