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Solar Products

Solar PV Module

Solar PV Module


Solar Inverter

Solar Lightning

Solar Lightning

Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater


Domestic Inverter


Commercial Inverter



Tubular Battery


Sealed Battery

Sealed / Maintenance Free

CCTV Camera


CCTV Camera

Solar PV Module

We provide excellent International quality solar panels

Solar Inverter

We offer hybrid inverter is a next generation DSP¹ sine wave inverter with built-in solar charge controller.

Leading-edge Technology

DC input Voltage up to 1000V

Dual MPPT Inputs accommodating wide voltage range

Maximum efficiency 90%

Integrated DC switch

Automatic protection including over voltage, islanding, short circuit, overload and under voltage, under load, etc.

Solar Water Heater

We provide solar water heater for high efficiency with aluminum stand and stainless-steel tank for durability.

Salient features of evacuated tube collector solar water heater

Greater absorption area per day, up to 94% auto sun tracking collection.

Minimum heat loss from the system due to evacuated tubes & puf insulated storage tank.

Better performance in winter & Cloudy days.

Hard water / scaling does not corrode the etc tubes.

Maintenance free, easy to clean.

Compact size-low height, easy to install & transportation.

Inner /Outer tank is made of SS 304 grade stainless steel for longer life.

Thermostat electrical backup for non-sunny days.

Outer cladding of storage tank is mirror finished stainless steel.

Solar Tubular Battery

We are stocking excellent quality (c-10) rated (heavy-duty) tubular batteries for efficient storage and prolonged duration Our solar plant installation ranges from 200wp to 15 kwp.

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